Schools Swimming

Schools Swimming

NTS continued assisting some of the High and Primary Schools in running the Inter-League galas. All these efforts culminated in the highlight of the year; the SA Schools Championships.  SA Schools gave abled & disabled athletes an opportunity to represent their province in a well-organized national championship where all times achieved are recognized by the national federation. Personal best times were achieved and recognition was given for their efforts. With the qualifying times set in between SSA age group times, swimmers were afforded added opportunities to represent their provinces. The staging of a national event together with other codes of sport gave athletes the opportunity to experience a multi-coded event that should build social cohesion.

Primary Schools

The Primary Schools are currently still running 2 leagues, namely the Afrikaans schools and the English schools league.
The Afrikaans schools host their Inter-League galas at the end of October each year while the English schools host theirs in March the following year. The Afrikaans Schools league consists of 4 leagues and there are 5 participating schools in the A and B leagues and 3 schools participated in the C and the D leagues. All Inter-League galas are hosted at Hillcrest Swimming Pool.
NTS was involved in all 4 of these galas.
The English Schools league consists of 9 leagues. In the A-F leagues there are 5 participating schools, 4 in the G and H league and 3 in the I league.  The A-D Inter-League galas are hosted at Hillcrest Swimming Pool, while the others are hosted in 25m pools at various schools.
This year NTS was involved in 3 of these galas.

High Schools

The Afrikaans and English Schools are combined and consists of 5 leagues. The A League has 12 participating schools, the B league 11, the C league 10, the D league 9 and the E league 8. All the Inter-league galas are hosted at Hillcrest Swimming Pool during February, except for the E league. It was decided at the AGM of the Tshwane Schools’ District to rather host the E league gala in a 25m pool due to the fact that for most of the schools participating swimming is still a developing sport. Unfortunately the weather intervened and the C and E league galas had to be cancelled halfway through.
This year NTS was involved in all 4 of these galas.