About Swimming

Unfortunately, the number of swimmers we had registered this past season has once again dropped
the previous season. We’ve had numerous extraordinary performances which was supported by a strong base of new talent surfacing through all levels of our swimming structures. 


Commonwealth Games - 2018

We are extremely proud of our swimmers who have qualified for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  They are: Ryan Coetzee, Tatjana Schoenmaker, Marlies Ross, Nathania van Niekerk and Duné Coetzee. Congratulations to all of them.  Rocco Meiring was nominated as one of the coaches for 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Special mention and congratulations to Tatjana Schoenmaker who one two gold medals and Ryan Coetzee a bronze medal at the games.


SA National Aquatic Championships - 2018 

This year we we finished 4th on the Medal table again, just 1 gold medal behind KZN and 2 behind CGA, we finished 2nd on the points table.


SA Level 1,2 and 3 Regional and National Championships - 2018

Once again NTS was privileged to host the Level 3 Regional competition at Hillcrest, and once again. Our NTS Swimmers once again did extremely well at all of these events.


NTS Championships - 2017

Our provincial championships once again produced some stellar performances from our senior and age group swimmers. On the whole, our Champs were a resounding success again this past season. We introduced an innovative Dash for Cash series to the programme in 2015 which produced some fierce competition and a lot of fun in the 15 & under and 16 & over categories. The Dash for Cash series was better supported this season.

The inclusion of the Masters swimmers at champs was not as successful as it was in 2016, but still a
good one none the less. We do hope that we will be able to get more master swimmers to participate
this coming season.


Tshwane Mayoral Gala - 2017

The number of swimmers participating in this gala has grown astronomically each season, which
meant that the traditional Friday evening / Saturday morning gala format saw the sessions taking far
too long to complete. This season we changed the format to have 4 sessions, (Friday evening, Saturday
morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning). This proved to be a good decision as the session
lengths were mostly under 2 ½ hours, with only the Sunday morning session taking a little longer.


NTS Invitational Galas - 2017

The NTS Invitational galas was again one of the highlights of the season from a swimmers point of
view. One of the goals of the selection committee was to select three equally strong teams and it seems to have
worked out well. The lead changed a number of times during the competition, keeping it exciting until
the end.


NTS Short Course Champs - 2017

The new format of splitting the Champs into three championships over different weekends worked well and was received well. We had three very successful championships over the different levels of swimming.


Age Group Galas - 2017/2018

We again this season had both a Level 1+2 and a Level 3+ Age Group Gala in September, October
and November. We moved our NTS Invitational Gala to Early February, and decided to only offer a
Level 1+2 Age Group Gala in January. We also offered a Last Chance Gala in February.
We also decided to keep the mixed gender format for the galas as it worked will last season, and all
indications are that it worked just as well this past season as well.