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Oct 3, 2018

Friend of Hillcrest Swimming Pool

Help make Hillcrest Pool better
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Posted by: magdaleen
Dear Swim Families and Friends,

My name is Dana, and I have two sons that belong to the TUKS club.  I know many of you from the Hillcrest galas, and I am sure many more might remember me, the load and bald American guy that cheers way too loud, way too often!

It is about those galas that I am writing to you now.

Hillcrest has been around a long time, and should rightly be considered an asset to our community.  Not only do our children train and compete there, but the facility provides others with the much needed opportunity to exercise and relax in an affordable, somewhat safe environment.

For this reason and in an effort to improve the environment in and around Hillcrest pool, I am exploring the prospect of starting a Friends of Hillcrest society, under the auspices of NTS.  It would not in any way replace the efforts, or take over the responsibilities of the people employed by the Tshwane municipality to look after the place, but it would, in small and practical ways, compliment the work already being done.

Our mission will be simple, make Hillcrest better.

So today I ask that you think, or even pray about joining me in the effort.  My thanks go out to Magdaleen from NTS, who always goes beyond the call of duty at Hillcrest, for sending this message, but if you may be keen to take part in such a society, please respond to my personal email address,  You would do so under no obligation and no commitment, but merely to express your interest in learning more about this initiative as time unfolds.

I do hope to hear from you soon,