Message from the President

 President’s report for 2018/2019


Anton Jordaan
President NTS


NTS was established in 1929 – this means that we are celebrating 90 years of excellence in our
district. We have a proud history and with the commitment shown by the aquatic community in
Tshwane, we will be able to keep building on the achievements of our past and have a successful
future. I believe that the Tshwane Aquatics community will build Swimming, Open Water Swimming,
Artistic Swimming, Water Polo, Diving and Masters’ swimming to be the best it can be.

Nothing has changed of the fact that the key people in NTS are our coaches, officials and athletes.
They bring an energy, passion and a commitment to NTS that will always make us successful. Every
single coach and official contribute fully to our successes. It is our aim to deliver our best
performances and proactively grab each opportunity for continuous improvement. Our goal was and
will always be to strive towards excellence with no excuses.

To improve on the delivery of our sport, we must seek cooperation and collaborate with the aquatics
community and other stakeholders. This include seeking opportunities for our athletes. These
opportunities should be not only for the enjoyment of the sport but to keep individuals in the sport.
This is one of the reasons why Masters’ Swimming and Masters’ Water Polo is of great importance.
NTS supports Long Term Athlete Development to provide a pathway for each athlete.

One of the opportunities created for our swimmers was the 2018 tour to Italy with 108 swimmers.
This tour was most successful. It created opportunities for our officials, and I am sure it also
contributes to improved cooperation among coaches.

Nelson Mandela once said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It
has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they
I believe that the NTS aquatics community has shown initiative and commitment to make Aquatics a
sport to be taken note of in Tshwane and in doing so, inspire others around us. The inclusion of NTS
in sport forums in Tshwane and thus taking a place next to the big four sport codes should be proof
that people have taken note of what we are doing.

Nothing has changed to our challenges and it remains funding, a changing society and environment,
increased crime and aging facilities, but if we stand together, we can (as we have done in the past)
manage these challenges to the best of our ability. We are grateful for the efforts of Friends of Hillcrest
who are trying to make a difference to the facilities at the Hillcrest Pool.

On the next few pages, the different technical committees will report on the achievements during the
past season. We are extremely proud of our athletes and coaches for their achievements. We must
thank the administrators for their contribution to each of these technical committees.

Special mention should be made of Tatjana Schoenmaker who won gold medals in the women’s 100
meter breaststroke and the 200-metre breaststroke at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Congratulations to her and to her coach, Rocco Meiring for this achievement.

It has been an honour to be able to serve the Tshwane Aquatics community the past year as President
of NTS. May you all achieve your specific set goals and continue to be involved in our sport.

As was mentioned, there are many people that contribute to the successes of NTS. I would like to
thank each and everyone of you. Allow me, however, to make special mention of Magdaleen Fair
and Ina Fechter. They ensure that our administration and finances are taking care of. Thank you
very much.