Code of Conduct

The NTS Code of Conduct


1.1. It is accepted that all registered swimmers, parents, coaches and officials will enter into the spirit of competition and their behaviour will be acceptable as expected of reasonable sportsmen and women.

1.2.  The following code of conduct is to act as a guideline as well as a deterrent for all members of NTS as well as members of any team who believe that they may behave in a manner, which is contrary to paragraphs 2 - 7 below.

1.3.  The guidelines set out below are therefore intended to maintain a strict code of conduct as well as to create a balance of sportsmanship, camaraderie and a healthy and fair spirit of competition.

1.4. Tournament as used in this document is defined as any swim meet at which swimmers competeor represent NTS.


2.1.  All rules and regulations as specified by FINA and SSA will be obeyed.

2.2.  You must be familiar with the general tournament rules.

2.3.  You will respect the authority of the appointed team officials and observe all instructions issued by them.

2.4.  You may only make comments to the press concerning your own personal performances.

2.5.  You may not make any comments to the press concerning the team or express opinions that could damage the credibility of a person, team, province or SSA.

2.6.  Any unsportsmanlike behavior or cheating will not be tolerated.

2.7.  You are at all times subject to the accepted general code of conduct for swimmers.

2.8.  No form of advertising is acceptable except that of team and gala sponsorship.  All sanctioned advertising must adhere to the rules stipulated by SSA and FINA.

2.9.  If you are selected for a team based on performance indicators and you are aware of any circumstances that will affect your performance at the tournament (i.e. lack of effective training,illness etc.) you must inform the selectors/management immediately.  The selectors could request you to undergo a time trial and/or fitness test or present a doctor’s certificate.

2.10.  If you are selected to represent NTS, it is expected that you will make yourself available.


3.1.  Acceptable behavior has many facets, all of them important for the ambassadorship of your parents, club, team, province or country.

3.2.  You will be required to use official dress when traveling and at official functions etc.  The use of official sports wear, leisure wear and competition gear during the gala as well as on the podium is compulsory.

3.4.  You will be neatly dressed at all times.

3.5.  You will respect the gala officials and their instructions.

3.6.  The use of abusive language and rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.

3.7.  You will respect fellow competitors, fellow travelers, persons in public places, places of accommodation, hotel staff, etc.

3.8.  Vandalism of private or public property is not only offensive but will lead to prosecution. This also includes the removal of items from private or public places for souvenirs.

3.9   Table manners at official functions must be upheld and respect should be shown for speakers at official functions.


4.1.  You will comply with the rules and regulations of FINA and the IOC governing the consumption of any substance that can enhance your performance.

4.2.  The consumption of any substance even if legal, which will create the perception of performance enhancing, is not encouraged and not in a team’s interest.

4.3.  All medications as prescribed by a medical practitioner must be declared by competitors on the official Drug Declaration form prior to competition.  The form must be presented to the team management prior to the departure of the team.

4.4.  The intravenous administration of any substance in public will be considered offensive.

4.5.  The use of the medical facilities or first aid room for this purpose is compulsory.

4.6.  You will comply with the rules governing doping tests.

4.7.  The consumption of alcohol or the indulgence in tobacco will not be permitted, even if you are of the legal age for the consumption of these substances.


5.1.  You will travel with the team at all times.  Any alternative travel arrangements will need to be approved by the team management and/or the NTS Executive.Third party arrangements have to be subject to parental/guardian  and  management consent in writing.

5.2.  Arrangements are normally made for official accommodation by the team management for the duration of the tournament.

5.3.  You will at all times remain with the team unless the management, who must be kept informed of your whereabouts,  otherwise grants permission.


6.1.  Violation of the rules and code of conduct will lead to disciplinary action.

6.2.  In the event of disciplinary action you will appear before a disciplinary committee, which will be represented by the team management and the team captains.

6.3.  The disciplinary committee will present a written report of the inquiry to the NTS Executive.

6.4.  Violation of the rules and code of conduct during a tournament will lead to immediate return home at your own  expense. Any monies paid by you will not be refunded.

6.5.  If found guilty of a serious violation of the code of conduct you could be suspended as well as sent home immediately at your own expense.

6.6.  Violation of the rules and code of conduct could also result in the forfeiture of any subsidy/sponsorship received from sponsors/Region/Province.


7.1.  Swimmers will not be registered unless the DECLARATION BY THE SWIMMER AND LEGAL GUARDIAN on the reverse  side of the Registration Form is correctly completed and signed.

7.2.  No times will be recorded for any unregistered competitor.

7.3.  No clearance will be given to any unregistered competitor.