Northern Tigers Swimming

As NTS, we celebrate our past, embrace the present and dream the future. Since our first incorporation in 1929, we as Affiliate have built a proud history. This 2015/2016 season was no different.


Our number of registered swimmers has grown again this season, as it has for the past three seasons. We’ve had numerous extraordinary performances which was supported by a strong base of new talent surfacing through all levels of our swimming structures. 

Open Water

Open Water Swimming has completed its 6th season since active inception in NTS. Open Water adapted its strategy from quantity to quality and to this end; the selection criteria and actual selection standards were set to a higher level.  The intent was to improve our standards and to improve our competitive position at national level which we successfully achieved.

Masters Swimming

Yet another fun-filled season has passed us by with concerted efforts having been made by the members to train hard and attain those sought-after records, whether they be world, national, provincial or just a personal best.  Regardless of the level of achievement, just the sheer efforts by every swimmer in their own right, just to partake, is an inspiration to all involved.
Tshwane Masters, but more so, Coelacanths, remains the largest group in the Country. Tshwane Masters has had another good year with our various annual events hosted at Hillcrest, which have been well-attended by our own as well as visiting Clubs. 

School Swimming

NTS continued assisting some of the High and Primary Schools in running the Inter-League galas. All these efforts culminated in the highlight of the year; the SA Schools Championships.  SA Schools gave abled & disabled athletes an opportunity to represent their province in a well-organized national championship where all times achieved are recognized by the national federation. Personal best times were achieved and recognition was given for their efforts. With the qualifying times set in between SSA age group times, swimmers were afforded added opportunities to represent their provinces. The staging of a national event together with other codes of sport gave athletes the opportunity to experience a multi-coded event that should build social cohesion.

Diving and Synchronised Swimming

Diving had representatives from NTS who participated in the RSA and National Age Groups Competition in December 2015 as well as the Nationals and Youth Games in April 2016 in Durban.
Both disciplines continues to train and host competitions at the de Jong pool in Pretoria.