Northern Tigers Swimming

As NTS, we celebrate our past, embrace the present and dream the future. Since our first incorporation in 1929, we as Affiliate have built a proud history. This 2017/2018 season was no different.


Although we had a drop in the number of registration from the highs of previous seasons we've had numerous extraordinary performances which was supported by a strong base of new talent surfacing through all levels of our swimming structures. 
Special mention and congratulations to our medalist at the Commonwealth Games. 

Open Water

NTS Open Water Swimming has completed its 8th season of National participation during the 2017/2018 season and we have grown from strength to strength.

28 swimmers participated at SA National OW Championships 2018 and have qualified for NTS Colours. Unfortunately Andro Smit had to withdraw due to ill health. The letter under the signature of the President of NTS and will be distributed in due course.

Our congratulations to all our open water swimmers for their dedication and their achievements at NTS OW Championships, Gauteng OW Challenge and SA National OW Championships during the past


Masters Swimming

Yet another fun-filled season has passed us by with concerted efforts having been made by the members to train hard and attain those sought-after records, whether they be world, national, provincial or just a personal best.  Regardless of the level of achievement, just the sheer efforts by every swimmer in their own right, just to partake, is an inspiration to all involved.
Tshwane Masters, but more so, Coelacanths, remains the largest group in the Country. Tshwane Masters has had another good year with our various annual events hosted at Hillcrest, which have been well-attended by our own as well as visiting Clubs. 

School Swimming

Once again NTS continued assisting some of the High and Primary Schools in running the Inter-League galas. This involves the capturing of the entries and running of the gala. Computer generated results have the benefit that the galas run quite quickly. Each school receives a full set of results that they can use to analyse. NTS officials are also used to assist with judging on the day. The number of officials varies depending on the needs of the gala. Schools still need to provide the timekeepers. Touch pads were only used at some of the High School galas, since a decision was taken that touch pads would be available for the Primary Schools.


Diving and Synchronised Swimming

Diving is growing stronger in NTS!
The 2017/18 Diving season saw our divers participate in the Johannesburg Inter-Primary Schools League for the first time. Our boys did particularly well. Seven participants took part in RSA’s and National Age Groups held in Durban in December 2017. Once again the boys and senior girls excelled.